Summer can kill Ya!

by Mary on August 21, 2013

For Most of us Summer is still here and hot! As we look at another great family outdoor weekend coming up in September, please don’t drink out of unwashed soda cans.

One of my Texas FB friends (I Love Texas shared Michael Stemper‘s photo) posted an article about a family who went on a picnic, drank soft drinks out of the cooler and two members were admitted to the ER and one died, from Leptospirisis.

The CDC states Leptospirosis is a bacterial infection that can affect humans and animals. It seems that in this tragic case it came from infected mice urine, probably from the storage warehouse.

Solution: Wash off the tops of any canned drink before putting your mouth on the can. If not near soap and water, use your GREEN NOW SKIN MIST. Don’t let your canned soda ruin your family FUN!

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