Simple solution to Hazard 2 – Bathrooms

by Mark on February 17, 2012

Bathrooms can be nasty! Nixall can help sanitize your bathroom to protect you, your guests and your employees. Here are some simple ideas:

Use a natural cleaner like Borax to scrub down your tubs, sinks and Toilets. Then spray the clean surfaces with NixallTM  (diluted 10:1) to sanitize and disinfect.  For best results leave it on, or wait 10 minutes to wipe it off.  (That is the same amount of time that other disinfectants say to leave them on.)

One note, we don’t recommend that you use NixallTM on glass surfaces as it tends to streak.  For glass we recommend using vinegar as it is totally natural and cleans glass beautifully.

If you are trying to clean up mold or mildew,  spray NixallTM on at full strength and leave on 10 minutes before wiping off.  This should clean it up.  If it doesn’t get it all, try one more spray.  Remember to only  use NixallTM on non-porous surfaces.

To help clear up the air, just pour some NixallTM into a bowl and leave out (like people used to do with vinegar or baking soda).  This will clean the air and leave your rooms smelling fresh and clean.

Let us know how you use NixallTM!

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