Join the Green Business Bureau and Save money and the environment

by Mary on August 15, 2013

Green Now, LLC is a proud, Platinum Member of the Green Business Bureau. (GBB). Jamie Clem, Member Services Director says

“Green business certification will help you save money, increase sales and engage your employees – all while protecting the environment! Join thousands of other businesses as a member of the Green Business Bureau. We offer the only online, nationally recognized Green Business Certification program for your company.”

She goes on to discuss new research from Office Depot that reveals 70% of small businesses plan to go green within the next 2 years….why? Because 71% of Americans now consider the environment when they shop.

We at Green Now, LLC excel in Home Depot’s popular ways to go Green: we promote and sell non-toxic products and by using our Green Now and Nixall products, you will reduce water use.

Join us both on the Road to Green by sending Jamie an email and learn more of the benefits to membership.

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