Nixall goes to Vegas! INTERBIKE Rocks! Bikers Love Nixall!

by Mary on September 26, 2013


In Las Vegas at the Mandalay Hotel. What an experience!! We heard there were 1100 booths and 50.000 registrants. You have never seen that many wheels, spokes, handle bars, flashing lights…ever! We had several appointments with biking and Health and Fitness vendors to speak about the benefits of Anolyte water for workout facilities, bikers and the indoor athletes. Our Skin Care Mist is perfect for face hydrating, sun and wind burn on the trail and for quick freshen ups after nature stops.

Bikers and Indoor Athletes alike suffer from overuse injuries like the blister on this athlete’s finger from gripping the bike handle too hard and too long. Lucky for him, he had Nixall™ OTC and it healed quickly and without infection. He just sprayed several times a day along his trip. Great Show.

Before and After OTC on Finger Blister

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