Introducing our new Total Skin Care Mist!

by Mark on July 15, 2013

As part of our new product launch we are offering free shipping on all of our Green Now™ Total Skin Care Mist products in July!

Green Now™ Total Skin Care Mist by Nixall™ is an eco-friendly, refreshing, all-natural body spritz proven to be a safe alternative to toxic skin care products. Misting each day cleanses, moisturizes, refreshes—and naturally revitalizes. Uncomplicated and unparalleled, Green Now™ Total Skin Care Mist saves time and water.

No toxins, no alcohol, no oils, no harsh chemicals, no build up. Non-irritating, non-allergenic and scientifically proven. Green Now™ Total Skin Care Mist is pure, clean, gentle, healthy—smart.


  • Skin care moisturizer
  • Cleanses on the go
  • Deodorizes
  • After shaving face or legs
  • For a quick pick me up
  • As a refresher after workout or travel
  • Use on any intact skin
  • Recommended for repeated use

Start Rethinking your skin care today!  Click here to buy it now!

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