No more cushiony cotton scale, and revived potted plants damaged in deep freeze!

by Mark on August 6, 2012

Here is a video of Bayan and Noemi, our partners at the St. Remy vineyard (and one of our bed & breakfasts) in the south of France talking about how Nixall™ worked to save many of the outdoor potted plants and trees that had suffered a severe winter.  The potted citrus trees also had an infestation of cushiony cotton scale, a ruinous pest whose females suck the sap out of woody plants.

NixallTM can help your plants in two ways: first, it is an anti-fungal which helps to eliminate blight fungus and mold.  Secondly, according to an article published by the University Of Wisconsin, the chlorine in hypochlorous acid (which is what is in NixallTM) improves cellular plant hydration thereby enhancing photosynthesis.  The perfect non-toxic, eco-friendly solution to your plant and garden problems.

Use Nixall™ in your garden, yard or ranch to protect your plants and fruit trees!

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Mike August 8, 2012 at 4:37 pm

This product is amazing. I carry a small spray bottle with me when I go out to a restaurant to eat so after reading the menu, which has been handled probably 100 times by the time I get it, I then spray Nixall on my hands to kill the untold number of germs that came off the menu onto my hands. I also keep a bottle in my vehicle to spray the gas pump handle before using and the grocery cart handles at the grocery store. Not only does it kill germs but it is totally natural, what could be better


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