About Us

Green NowTM is the natural evolution of our family’s international B&B business, MPI Traveler. MPI’s focus is on creating moments and memories for our family, friends, and guests set in historically and ecologically unique locations. The environment is very much a part of our story. We are real tree huggers and flower growers. We love native grasses, plants, produce and almost everything organic. The environs have a huge impact on ours’ and our guest’s experiences at the properties. From this perspective we grew more observant, more informed and ultimately more active in all aspects of the environment.

Along our journey, the ‘ROAD TO GREEN’ ,we have partnered with Nixall™, the manufacturer of several anolyte water products to provide the safest, most beneficial solution for people, plants and pets.

We are very thrilled with our relationship with Nixall™ and have committed our family’s energy and resources to share our findings of eco-friendly, healthy and safe ways to protect families, pets and plants.

As we say at MPI Traveler, “Ours is not a fancy mission statement…”. To that we add our invitation to join us on the ROAD TO GREEN – our path to a green, safe and healthy way of life.